Double normal clear coat lighting problem

Hello,guys! I really need some help! I’m stuck on this problem for 2 days, asked so many people and nobody knows how to fix this. I’m using automotive material with double normal clear coat. But when I point the camera to the directional light, the object in front of me gets iluminated in a very weird way! See the pictures. If I look at the object from another angle, it looks fine. But if the sun is behind the object, it gets illuminated even from the oposite side (where the object should be dark and in shadow). You can see that on both mirror and door. This also happens on a simple cube, so the problem is not in my mesh. I tried everything ! Baking lighting, changing to dynamic etc.etc., nothing helps ! The only things that fix it are either remove the double normal clear coat or disable the sun. But I need both of them. So I need another solution. This only happens with the directional light. Other lights give no problem. I tried changing EVERY SINGLE setting in directional light - nothing fixes it. Please help. I’m really stuck.!

Here you can see what happens when the directional light is behind the object.

I have a very similar problem: directional light seems to produce some specular artifact, mostly visible from a far distance in my case, looking approx towards the light.
Do you have any updates on this?