Dose LPV(Light Propagation Volumes) still work in 4.19?

Hi everyone

I just want to check out, dose LPV(Light Propagation Volumes) still work in 4.19? I checked lots of instruction online about how to setup LPV, but still can’t make it work.


Nope, it’s been broken in builds for the last 3 versions of the engine.

Ive managed to set it up in 4.18.3

Some settings are not working but ones u need the most are working properly.

I had the only problem with occlusion but ticking off DBuffer Decals in your project settings is solving that.

Send me PM if you will have more problems

Works fine in the editor, just not for builds.

Il probably make you really happy then :slight_smile:
Its working great in the packed game just need a bit of modification.
Go to your packed game folder > Engine
1/Create a new folder called Config if there is no folder like that
2/Create new notepad and add this in


r.LightPropagationVolume = 1

Save it as DefaultEngine.ini

And It will work like a charm

Let me know if you have more problems

  • Adriano

EDIT: If you have a problem with occlusion not working. go to your project settings and disable D buffer decals…after restarting should work oke

Oh very nice, going to try this out in a bit! Was hoping that by the time my project is done, the raytrace tech would be out for dynamic GI :stuck_out_tongue:
If LPV can still function fine then thats awesome!

So it seems that lighting via Emissive materials doesn’t work my end in 4.19 which is unfortunately how I was using LPV. Like my video below. If you, Dubrafka could test it your end or anyone shed light on it, I would hugely appreciate it!

Also here is my setup, pretty sure I am not missing anything? link text
link text

Occlusion still broken even with DBuffer Decals set to off in 4.21