Dont have Volumetric Fog tab in Exponential Height Fog Ue 4.14.3

So I’m Working on a map that looks like a parking lot. I’ve got some Street Lights that id like to affect the Volumetric Fog. I’m following this Tutorial UE4: Night Time Static Lighting 1/2 - Starry Sky (Lightmass) w/BP Sky Sphere Tutorial - YouTube on how to make a night time scene. He Adds Exponential Height Fog and simply Turns on Volumetric Fog and Taaadaaaa Awsomeness. Well, I tried replicating the same step, but I simply don’t have the tab. Like I just don’t have the Category Volumetric Fog and therefore can’t turn it on. I’ve gotten stuck on this plenty of times so please someone help me I’m at a loss.Thanks so much for your time!!!

Hello ,this is because volumetric fog was added after version 4.16.
More information here :Volumetric Fog | Unreal Engine Documentation
According to this link ,the method to get similar results the old way is indirect lighting cache.