DOF working on Custom Depth

Some time ago (according to my logs about a year ago) I’ve got some working prototype of kind of see-through vision with usage of custom depth. Beyond that I’ve managed to get DOF working on that mask.
Basic setup is this:
One Capture 2d with capture source set to Final Color “LDR with postproces” - and DOF turned On.
Render target texure used in Post process of basic camera.
For some reason that setup doesn’t work anymore.
My question is:
If something changed in the rendering? and is there another way to make it work ?
(I still can’t find working example - but it did work for sure)

Hi Gomo -

A lot has actually changed in a year. Can you show me what your setup looked like and I can help you translate it to 4.10?

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

Funny thing happened.
When I just tried to make some clean recreation of that system I found working prototype.
Here it is:

Hi Gomo -

What version of the Engine were these assets created on?