Does the engine actually implemented a Realtime - Dynamic GI solver?

Hello, I’m new to this program and trying to get used to the engine. It works like a charm and I love the new UI. Yet, I’m still lost at the new lighting system. It seems to be yet Lightmass from UDK, I heard and wacth demos in which there was some sort of real time global illumination and indirect solver.

I looked into the documentation and other sections in UDN, but I haven’t found much information related to this yet. Is there some sort of implementation for this? Does rocket comes with a realtime GI solver? Or is it to be yet implemented and Rocket packs with a new version of lightmass?

Kudos for the engine and thanks for your time! :slight_smile:

There isn’t a real time GI solution anymore(because of performance issues, as stated by Epic staff before.) But the current Lightmass is A LOT faster and better than how it is in UDK, and you can use a ton of dynamic lights(no GI) with very little performance cost to get the looks you want.

I’ve also had good success using ambient cubemaps assigned to post process volumes. These can be captured directly from a scene capture actor and assigned in your PP volume. A tip is to make a texture from your cubemap target, then be sure to set the compression to HDR and give it mip maps in the texture editor. Combined with liberal use of non-shadowing dynamic lights and I’m reasonably happy with the results so far.

Thank you! Appreciated, it would have been nice to have both options (baked and real time GI) to employ, yet I agree. The new Lightmass is a lot faster, the color solution is way too amazing, yet the screenshots showing the real-time GI of the realistic rendering look way better than now using only lightmass; anyhow, if that was the call, there’s nothing I can do, except as I said: ask to have both options and use them as seen fit.

Now, Tom; that actually sounds a great work around. I’ll give it a shot!

Oh yeah, i forgot about ambient cubemaps. It is a very powerful alternative.
Also you can tweak baked GI, ambient intensity and many other lighting related things via post process volume.

Well well, so the post process have evolved wildly! Thxs guys :smiley: