Does Nav Mesh work on BSP?

I have an AI controlled character that moves from point to point with “move to” and goes after the player if it sees them. Everything was fine while I was testing it on a flat area, then the top of a sphere too but I made two floors connected with a BSP Linear Stairs.

It stopped working, the Nav Mesh shows the BSP as green but the AI won’t move up the stairs and I tried to Create Static Mesh but it still won’t work either and the Static Mesh doesn’t show green. I got the AI to move down Spiral Stairs once but couldn’t get it to happen again.

I also tried terrain but that doesn’t work for long and would be hard to make the levels I want. BSP Linear Stairs or Spiral Stairs would work best for the level design but they don’t work with the AI.

Thank you for taking the time to read me question.

Does your MoveTo for the AI us a 3d coordinate? It sounded to me like its only 2d with no Z axis which might cause it to not find a correct spot on the NavMesh. Do you have a picture of the stairs, its possible its abit complex for your simple path finding.

I’m pretty sure it’s in 3D coordinate. I made some ramps with cubes that go around and over the lower bits and the AI can go up and down them. The ramp has to be a 20 degrees or less, this and the stairs I got to work aren’t very good for making levels.

In the World Outliner tab I found something called “RecastNavMesh-Default” I think this is different than the “NavMeshBoundsVolume” which is in the level. if I put “Agent Max Step Height” to 30 instead of 35 and make the Linear Stair Brush’s “Step Height” to 10 instead of 20 the AI will clime it.

Here is a picture of the stairs, I went to Geometry section of the Modes tab to get the Linear Stair

I tried changing the step height on the character blueprint but it didn’t do anything. The blueprint is based on a C++ class I made I don’t know if that makes a difference.

Yeah stair height can be an issue, one thing you could do is use ramps instead of stairs so you dont need to adjust the step height as its based on the collision normal. If youre worried about feet on the stairs themselves you can solve with IK later on to make it look less like floating.