Does Intel's Iris Xe support Nanite? (Full Specs in text body)

I’m wondering if intel’s Iris Xe discrete GPU support Nanite, my specs are the following.
CPU: 11th Gen Core i7-1165G7 2.80GHz
RAM: 16 GB
GPU: Discrete GPU Iris Xe
OS: Windows 10

Thanks beforehand.

I’ve got pretty much the same setup (but with an i5 CPU). I use UE5 to create video animations. I’ve been using it for a couple of months already and, man, I’m struggling:

The Intel Iris XE doesn’t support Nanite nor Lumen.
It runs but it gets super slow and laggy if I turn on the lit or higher up the quality of the viz.
I’m stuck on DirectX 11. Switching to DirectX 12 turns everything red! It’s like a weird reddish glow replacing every translucent items (volumetric fog, particules, etc…).
Rendering is terrible as well: Very frequent “D3D being lost” crashes (you can overcome the issue by creating “TdrDelay” and “TdrDdiDelay” registry keys in the “GraphicsDrivers” folder tho). The rendering time is super slow. It starts fast but reach easily a 5 seconds time to render one image sample (so if I set the antialiasing to 64 samples per frame, it would take 20 minutes to render one frame!!!).

I might be doing something wrong but i’ve been trying many many different things and the result is pretty much the same. I believe a cheap RTX 3050 would do wayyy better.

It’s hard to find information online about Intel Iris GPU running UE5 and I think there’s a good reason why…

According to the docs, Unreal doesn’t support Nanite for Intel Xe. It also shouldn’t support Lumen, but I can get that to render. The big problem I have is the “Direct3D Lost” error. I’ve gotten it probably 50 times this month…if I try to edit a Niagara Fluid system, it crashes immediately…otherwise it takes me watching a Youtube video while showing a lit scene (sometimes lesser loads can bring it down). I’ve even had the entire system BSOD a few times, so it’s really an Intel issue, probably thermals.
I’m gonna definitely try the TdrDelay trick, though, so I can at least get some stuff built without crash (ultimately, I’m going to put in an eGPU since I want to run with full Nanite and ray-tracing)

I really appreciate your answer, I’ve been through the same problems! (Specially the D3D device thing) the weird thing is that in the preview I barely had any problems, and much less in UE4. I hope I can overcome the issue. I wish I could afford the card, but I’m on a laptop :/. Again, thanks for the answer!