Does EQS work without navmesh?

Hi, I’m working on a Turn Based game and I’m kind of in a situation where I have to decide to go with the navmesh or a custom pathing algorithm. Since the pathing distance for any unit per turn is limited, it becomes a problem for me when the pawn takes a longer route near the intersection of navmesh polygons. So I would like to know the trade off related with not relying on navmesh. And specifically related to EQS. I would like to know how much of EQS is tied to the navmesh. Will I be able to use queries like getting actors within a certain radius (not based on pathing ofcourse, a general radial distance only)? If not, would it have too much of an impact on the use of Behavior Trees stuff non related to EQS?

Thanks Mieszko. That’s actually a big relief to hear. I do not want to miss out on EQS or any of it’s future updates. On an unrelated note, I had come up with an issue a few weeks back regarding decorators in Behavior Trees. I recently got some time to try to reproduce it. I’m still not sure if it’s a bug, as I’m not well versed with Behavior Trees. However I saw a couple of others who had the issue, so I just decided to try it out on a new template. I’ve uploaded a zip file in the other post, so that you can take a look at it:

Compare Blackboard entries in Behavior Trees

EQS only relies on navmesh as far as navigation-based tests go. You’ll need to implement these yourself, but other than that you’ll be fine.