Does anyone knows how to use or even open the "AnimToTexture" plugin?

In the MassAi tutorial, the guy said he used the AnimToTexture plugin which is in the city sample project but not available elswhere. Does anyone knows how to use it or even open it within the city sample project?

There’s some details here in another post thanks to @lazortech13. As far as using it in another project, I extracted it from City Sample and put it up on GitHub here: GitHub - LeroyTechnologies/AnimToTexture: UE5 plugin from Epic's City Sample project to convert animations to textures

I have an example of how to use it in this project I’m working on: GitHub - LeroyTechnologies/ProjectM at wip-soldier-walking-animations. Note I linked to a specific branch because this work isn’t merged to main branch yet. The readme there towards the bottom explains how to add the AnimToTexture plugin via the GitHub repo to a UE project.

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