Do I must have lightmap for every static mesh?

Sorry about this beginner question. But do I must create lightmap for every static mesh? I have created some models for my project, but I didn’t create the lightmaps for them, when I imported them into UE4, I didn’t receive any warning that says I need a lightmap. I see there are already two UV channels in my static mesh, and the “generating lightmap UVs” box is checked, so do I have to go back to create the lightmaps? Or can I just leave my current meshes be.

I’m no expert but if the generated lightmaps on import work then you’re good to go, if not you’ll need to make your own.

Thank you RI3DVIZ. Do you mean If my static meshes automatically generated lightmaps inside of UE4 then I’m good?

Only if they render correctly, sometimes you’ll get overlapping uv’s and other errors.