Distort UTexture2D

It is best to manipulate images in the GPU itself, since the texture data resides in the GPU memory and the shaders are faster in doing this, rather than copying them to the system memory by reading pixels and modifying them in the cpu and then reuploading it back to the texture

Try using a post processing material to manipulate your render target. Create a post process material and attach it to the SceneCapture2D’s post processing settings

Hello everybody,

Currently I am working with Slate and want to display a SImage which receives data from a SceneCapture2D camera. This already works. I do this by getting the TextureTarget of the camera and render it. Then I read out the pixels and save them in a UTexture2D.

But here is my Problem:
I want to distort the UTexture2D, but I don’t know exactly how to proceed here. I have already created a material as a blueprint and have given my RenderTarget from the camera to the Texture Sample.

  • Is it possible to access this material in C++ and apply it to the UTexture2D?
  • If I display the material in the editor as an image on a widget blueprint, it is also distorted. However, I would like to know how this works in the C++ editor code.


This seems to work