Distance field shadows not working

Hi1 im new to unreal and ive been working on lighting and learned about distance field shadows but i cant get them to work. i already enabled them in the project settings and als enabled them in lights but i still cant get them to work.
I have also been adjusting source radius int he lights. Is there an extra step im missing?

Does your GPU support DX11? And can you post some screenshots please?

Hi Tergufdas,

In order to use Distance Fields when they are enabled you need to restart the editor. Have you already done this?

If you have, you can verify that Distance Fields are being generated by going to the Viewport > Show > Visualize > Mesh Distance Fields.

This will show you the distance field volume that is generated for each mesh in your scene. If this is working, you may need to adjust some settings in your lights to see this working properly.

For instance, in the Directional light, you would want to set it to Movable. You can disable the Cascaded Shadow Distance by setting it from 20000 to 0. Enable Ray Traced Distance Field Soft Shadows with the check box and at this point you should only see the Distance Field Shadows that are generated.

Keep in mind that when using this feature you would want to use it in combination with CSMs as well since DFS doesn’t support some objects like Destructibles or Skeletal Meshes.

If you’re not seeing any Distance Fields you would also want to make sure that you’re using a card that can support DX11. Also, please post your DxDiag if this is the case.

Thank you!


i have a generated distance mesh field and i have distance field ambient occlusion and i have seen both, but what ever i did (and i know the checklist for it) i never seen distance field shadows.


Check you Engine Scalability settings and make sure everything is set to EPIC. If it’s not then mesh distance fields will not be used.

You can verify that Mesh Distance Fields are generated by going to the Show > Visualize > Mesh Distance Fields. If you’re not seeing anything here there is two things that may be going on. 1) You do not have Generate Mesh Distance Fields enabled in the Project Settings or 2) the Engine Scalability Settings is not set to Epic.

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engine scalability was on high.after i set it on EPIC now it works. thanks a lot!

Hi, I’m using UE4.27 I’m looking into distance field shadows but the process discribed doesn’t work for me. I have an RTX2070. I’ve enabled distancefields in project, I’ve enabled distance fields in light. I’ve restarted my engine. When doing the following Show > Visualize > Mesh Distance Fields. Nothing happens. It’s just black