Distance Field Ambient Occlusion

I cant understand what im doing wrong with this feature.

I followed every detail on this [page][1]… and this is tee result. Its a architectural place.

Honestly I have not gotten great results out of it unless the meshes are fairly modular and evenly sized, like Fortnite has. That looks like one mesh for the whole inside, that’s not going to give good results with DFAO. You can try increasing the resolution of the distance field on that mesh. Start with a simple empty level and add in one mesh at a time, observe the quality.

I tried, with a SINGLE Cube. (Starter Content). With Arch Walls/Floors too (starter content). Everytime looks like this. with or without LPV.

Well… tested only with starter content, and a empty scene.

Here is the scene outliner…


Any position?

Any position?