Distance Field Ambient Occlusion with Lumen visible only on Low and Medium

I have weird problem.
Distance Field Ambien Occlusion is visible and strong and I can set all parameters only when my scalability Global Ilumination is set on Low or Medium. Any ideas why this possibility to change DFAO options gone on High, Epic and Cinematic?
In Lumen theoretically we shouldn’t have possibility to set AO am I right? But I can on Low and Medium scalability GI.
Also - this happen on Matrix Sample City and what important - same situation is on any default Unreal project with Lumen. In my personal project wiht Lumen ON and same setteings as in City Sample - I cannot set any Distance Field AO options (I mean I can but nothing happen) which is weird.
Maybe soneone can explain this?

You can see here that DFAO under car is visible and I can change Distance, Contrast, Min Occlusion etc (except tint - dunno why)

Here - when I set Scalability GI on High - strong DFAO is gone, there is verry light AO but when I change any DFAO vaues nothig happen.

Without more information, it’s difficult to say exactly why you are experiencing this issue. However, some possible explanations could include conflicts between DFAO and other post-processing effects, or limitations in the hardware or software you are using.

It’s could be as you have observed, the options available for DFAO may be limited depending on the Scalability GI settings you are using. This is likely because the higher GI settings in Unreal Engine with Lumen are designed to provide more accurate and realistic lighting, and may not be compatible with certain types of post-processing effects like DFAO.

What kind of different results do you get when you change the GI types?


thanks for answering.
I’m wondering is there any possibily to check what this scalability options changes?
I mean what exaclty change for e.g. High option in scalability GI or exactly why on Medium option DFAO is visible so much?
It’s not depends of hardware or software - any default Lumen project looks the same - you can also check it on your machine.

I’m working on project where someone changed few options and in this project DFAO isn’t visible (with the same rendering settings as in for e.g. default project) - so I’m looking for option what I can change in my project to make DFAO same as in any default project in Medum GI in scalability :slight_smile:

Because Lumen is only enabled in high and epic situations

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