Displacement not working on 5.1

Hey all,

I converted my project from 4.26 to 5.1 without any major issues.
However, I designed a material in Mixer with displacement that worked fine in 4.26,
But now in 5.1 the displacement won’t work.

Any tips on why?

thanks in advance

Displacement has been deprecated in UE5.

Oh wow, but why?
There must be a workaround in this case to create a similar effect?

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It isn’t compatible with Nanite. At the moment, you have to manually displace the mesh geometry.

World displacement and tessellation node (materials) do not exist anymore in UE5…you have to use other techniques for displacement

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It seems that someone found a solution there :

Hope it will help,



Nop ! Virtual Heightfield Mesh has no collision.

Neither does tessellation