Disable directional lights in sub-levels

Hi there,

I am currently working on a game where different sub-levels represent different dimensions.

Whilst optimizing, I have realized that one sub-level’s directional light (Alley) is being calculated in an interior level (interior).

This directional light is not needed at all for the interior level and yet is still taking up 3.2 ms of every draw call which is obviously a considerable optimization if I can sort it.

Is there any way that I can tell a directional light to only effect the sub-level that it is in, rather than all of the sub-levels visible at the time? Ideally stationary as I would like some dynamic shadows for some objects in the Alley level.

A great answer would be to tell me that UE4 has light channels, although I know that deferred rendering means this is unlikely.

A screenshot of the GPU Profile.

I would also like to know if this is possible. We have dynamic lights that we want sub level specific.

Any answer or suggestion ? (we have the same challenge)



4.11 will have Lighting Channels for Dynamic Lights. You can use up to three Light Channels and set meshes accordingly that should work with those light sources.

I hope this helps.