Directional Light (Stationary/Moveable)

If you do an indoor scene with no light, directional light kicks in and shine on every object (this is happened in stationary mode).

In moveable mode, it doesn’t shine on objects, shines on walls.

Only in static mode it doesn’t light indoors.

Couldn’t upload pictures so i’m giving related forum topic

Hi Teodrus,

I see you posted this in the Rendering Section as well: Objects can be seen in dark - Rendering - Epic Developer Community Forums

I don’t mind helping you resolve this, but I’ll post any information over on the other thread as this is not a bug. Also, please don’t spam with multiple posts of the same question as these will generally get closed down pretty quickly when they are found. It’s also helpful that if someone else comes across the question one may have a answer whereas the other does not which cannot be very helpful.

I’ll close this and post on the other when I can.

Thank you!