Diffuse Boost/lights' Indirect Lighting Intensity, do they work?

As the title.

Hi PowerDesign,

I’ve setup several examples to hopefully demonstrate how these work.

I’ve used each of these independently so that there is no confusion.

Basic scene setup:

  • Point Light at room center using default settings
  • Lightmap resolutions on all static meshes set to 256.

Indirect Lighting Intensity

Lowering this value will lower the amount of GI that is used when baking lighting for the scene. Using 0 will disable GI from this light source all together. Using higher values will provide more bounce lighting.

Value = 0

Value = 1 (Default)

Value = 6

(Continued in next post for Diffuse Boost)

Diffuse Lighting Boost (Material Option)

All point lights in this part have been reset to their default values with Indirect Lighting Intensity of 1.0.

This will specifically control how much of the diffuses color is injected into the scene. Using higher values will increase this injection.

Using a lower value will lower the contribution of the diffuses color into the scene that is using with lightmass for global illumination.

Value = 0

Value = 1 (Default)

Value = 100

I hope this has been helpful.

Very helpful Thanks !