Diffrent Light in Editor and PIE( All static )?

The problem is that the Light’s are diffrent beetwen Ediot and PIE. To better show the problem I marked with Red Color the problematic area in PIE.

1)The Floor/Walls are Static.

2)No Dynamic or Stationary Lighting.

3)PP Unbound and Min/Max Brightnese set to same Value (1.2), this should disablesable AutoExposure ?

4)Only Spotlights in scene now ( No LightSource or SkyLight)

5)Emmisive boost global 0

6)No Reflection Captures





Thank You for Your interest!

So what helped me is that I destroyed all Static Light after Event Begin Play, I think that because the construction Script of my Light BP were run again, in wich the intensity of Light were set again. Wich seams to change the static Light in some kind of dynamic Light( Just an asumption ).