Diamond/Gem material?

Hi to all.

I’ve been trying to replicate a gem but I’m facing problems regarding to specular intensity and color. This is what I’ve managed to do so far.

What I’m trying to achieve

Do you know how to modify the specular color in translucent materials? Because of the white specular color, the texture in BaseColor doesn’t seem to have almost any effect in the game world as seen in the Preview Window. Do you know how could it be fixed?

Thanks in advanced.

Did you try lowering the opacity? Right now it looks like your material is almost 100% translucent and the only reason it’s showing up is because of refraction/reflection.

Thanks for answering. Yes, I’ve tried, but it doesn’t seem to fix it. I’ve connected the color texture with a x500 Multiply node to Specular, which improves its look a lot by making the texture more visible, but I’m still facing problems with specular color. Can it even be changed/faked or is it a limitation of PBR?

Clone the faces and offset them slightly so they fit inside the diamond. Make a new material without refraction that has an opacity control in it, add some color. I’d also blend a camera ws node into it maybe? Ton of things you could do here.

Really, what does it look like when you set opacity to 1. Also is your material “Translucensy Lighting Mode” set to “TLM_Surface”?

I’ve used the same material setup as you and it looks really good when putting the texture as the emissive color too.

You can’t add colour via the Specular Input, PBR doesn’t work that way. The colour of specular reflections comes purely from the reflection of the environment.

Try adding some Scene Capture actors to gather the environments reflection.

Try to make gemstones to be bit metallic. Gemstones has colored specular and quite high specularity even though they are not metals. To achieve this kind of material with ue4 you should use metallic input of about 0.2-0.5. Specular should not needed to be adjusted.

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