DFAO making black artifacts

Hi everyone,

I’m currently trying to set up some distance field ambient occlusion in my map. However, I somehow managed to completely screw it up and now my scene appear this way:


I’m wondering if any of you ever had this problem and if there’s a workaround for it. I can link more information if needed.


Hi there,

This is a known issue with DFAO that happens sometimes, and is being investigated by Epic staff. I have seen users report that turning off/on DFAO, going into fullscreen mode (F11), or rebuilding the lights will resolve the issue in most cases.

For more info on this problem, check out the following AnswerHub reports:

Try posting your images/info into this thread to see if there is an update on how to fix the issue:

These two are similar as well:

What version of the engine was this?

Hey DanielW,

I get this with 4.7:

Resizing the viewport makes it go away for me. It only happens in the editor and not in game.

Well, that’s unfortunate. I thought we had gotten rid of this in 4.7 and haven’t gotten it here since then. We’ll keep investigating.

Do you want me to upload my project?

I am getting this in my project with the most recent build of 4.7 It really sucks because turning it off really kills the quality of my project and It’s beta is due on the 24th. I really hope we can get a fix for this soon! My project will be free to download so if you need another project for reference I can provide you it as well!

It’s fixed in 4.8. If you’re in a hurry, clone the promoted branch on github and compile that and run the project on it.