DFAO causes trail of artifacts

Distance field ambient occlusion seems to update very slowly and causes strong trails whenever I’m moving the camera or an object through the shadows. Based on what I read in other threads, this appears to be by design to improve performance, but I don’t see how DFAO could be used at all in this state:

Is there any way to improve the quality and get rid of, or at least reduce, these artifacts?


Tested this in 4.16 Preview 1, since the following update sounded promising:

“The Global Distance Field is much faster to update when a Movable object changes.”

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to solve this particular issue.

+1, really annoying and also happens with landscapes against the sky ._.

Having the same problem with large moving meshes. Is there a way to speed up the AO update time? even if it has a performance hit, as we are doing arch viz work. Like some cvar?