Detect if class blueprint is hit?

You seem to placing nodes in Construction Script. Construction Script should be use only for premature initiation of object (which also effect editor), nodes can behave strange there, try placing those nodes in normal graph

Hi, all! I want to detect if the character bumps into a specific class blueprint, in this case objects that are sitting around in the level. I got it working with tags, but I have to manually put tags in all of them and it returns an error after I finish playing:

I also tried this a few other ways that seem closer to what I want, but don’t work at all:


It’s all in the event graph, not sure why it mentions the construction script in the error message.

Hi Snow,

Can you try connection the “other” from the Hit node to a Cast as “duck_4” node and see if this yields the result you want ?

It should look something like this :

Hope this helps

  • Marc

Thanks, Marc! That seems to work perfectly :smiley: