Destructible Mesh getting wrong lighting

So, I have this wall with a destructible part that is another mesh lined up with the wall. They’re using the same material but the lighting is completely different in both of them.

I’m not sure if it’s a problem of the destructible mesh, did some research in the forums and answers and found some solutions but none of them worked. The lightmaps seem to be alright, I changed the Lighting Quality to Production and set Static Lighting Level Scale to 0.1, but none of that seem to work.

It’s hard to see what is going on because your picture is dark.

I think I see anti-aliasing (lines of dark or off color) problems from having two overlapping plains sharing the same place. If the lighting issue goes away when you separate the two objects then it could be that.

One problem could be your UV maps of the two objects being a different ‘scale’ to each other causing the shadows to
display at different resolutions. If you use dynamic lighting, instead of lightmaps, and the issue goes away it could be that.

It could also be that your lighting is static, instead of stationary or dynamic, so isn’t casting onto dynamic objects like your destructive mesh.

I wasn’t aware that destructive meshes count as a dynamic object and should get a different treatment. I’m using Lightmass Character Indirect Detail Volume on it and it’s working as it should now :slight_smile: