It sounds like you’re about to step over into a way of working that will get your game finished. You’re at a crossroads, you have two paths

  1. Give up, because the engine doesn’t do what you want

  2. Find ways around the bits of the engine that don’t work the way you want

Tutorials are never going to make your game. But they might provide useful info which you can reapply elsewhere.

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If it’s your skill level, spend time on that and don’t give up.
If it’s some rando engine bug screwing everything up, sadly yes this is life because they don’t test the releases properly.

“Vote for the future, Vote LTS” :laughing:

Request for LTS versions of UE and marketplace assets.

Definitely. Tutorials… If done right still always show the fastest route from A to B. Usually they skip proper best practices and workflows and you end up with something that doesn’t scale. Once you become a better programmer many tutorials look amateur. I’m a big fan of “tut” videos which are not to copy paste game mechanics but teach the core concepts of what you just need to understand as a dev. I often link Matthew Waddstein and Freya Holmer here… perfection.


Just curious, what was your experience with Unity if you tried that?