Deferred Decal has no specular control, yet affects specularity

We all know deferred decals are extremely lacking in UE4, but is there a way I can disable or set the specular value of a DBuffer Decal to zero? I cannot get decals to blend well with anything when they have a predefined specular value which makes them not blend in with the environment. It appears that the specular value of deferred decals is forced to 1.0.

You can see here how the decals (the paths) dont blend with the lighting of the terrain.

and with specular buffer visualization you can see the incorrect values.

Hey there! You should be able to adjust the specular value by changing the decal blend mode in the material:

The blends modes of Translucent and Stain should both be able to accept a Specular value for you to adjust and match. Some of these blend modes don’t appear to be 100% as expect though, as setting it to Color only still creates a spec value of 1, while Normal Only seems to correctly only effect normals, odd. Hopefully you can get the correct effect you are desired by changing to Translucent Blend mode.