Default lights won't shine in one direction

Open project
Drag in default point light
It does this:


(these lights only have the intensity and color changed.)
All of them will not shine in the direction down the hill.
I have the same problem with the spotlight on my character. If I point it in that same direction it will not light anything up.

It only seems to happen on my landscape (not on static meshes)
Do I do I maybe just misclick a setting? I am pretty sure my landscape has default settings as well.

Thanks for your time and any info!

I think you should use a Spotlight. It’s more effective for angled light, and can be easily modified to do what you want.

Spotlights also do not shine in that same direction as well. It does not matter if it’s on the tilted or flat ground. No lights except my sun will light things up in that direction.

I’m not sure if this is answer for you but I’m having a similar issue. But with TileMaps and DefaultLitSpriteMaterial.

Changing the material to LitSpriteMaterial give this effect for me, but causes render issues for my sprites.

So if anyone can explain or link in some knowledge on this that’d be greatly help.

Looks like some kind of normal map is naughty.