Decals on Mobile/Web/ES2

I’m trying to get my decals to work in HTML5.

Hey there. In UE 4.9.2, I’ve got a project set to Mobile - Scalable with a deferred decal placed in the world.

When I preview my level viewport in ES2, the decals are visible. Then when I press play to preview in editor, the decals immediately disappears. The decals are not visible when I package to HTML5 or do a mobile preview either.

I’ve tried many combinations of rendering settings and decal material settings. Nothing seems to work.

Any suggestions?



All work normal.

This is screenshot from Chrome

This is screenshot from my Galaxy S2

Great! Turns out you need the Mobile HDR flag to be on in Project Settings > Render.

Unfortunately Web/Mobile VR and Mobile HDR don’t mix, so decals are still a no go for Mobile/Web VR

Hello, could you share the setup of the material of your Decal? I can’t figure out how to have proper decals materials in html5