Decal problems

Hi everyone,
I’ve ran into problems with using decals in Unreal Engine 4.12. I have searched quite a lot about this problem and only one solution I’ve found wasto to enable Dbuffer (I’ll get to this in a moment)

So my aim is to create a graffiti decal on a mesh, doesn’t sound hard huh?
Now if I create a decal without Dbuffer blend mode, it’s barely even visible (attached an image).

So the solution is to enable Dbuffer blend mode and then it looks fine in the still shots, but all the time the decal moves around, scales according to camera movement and shifts/shears, it’s very disturbing although the still result is great (attached an image).

What could be done about this? Thanks in advance! c:

P.S. I’m currently working with Intel HD 530 graphics chipset (saving up for a great GPU), maybe that could be the problem?

So a second take into the Zpass settings solved the issue for me and now I can have completely opaque decals! c: