Decal does not attach to surface!

I would like to spawn a decal and attach it to the surface of a movable staticmesh ( a box object) . I create a Instant hit weapon in my level , that spawns the decals , and it impulses that mesh , also .
The problem is , when I shot at that movable object, the spawned decal does not follow the physical motions of that movable mesh surface.

Here is my Blueprint snapshot:


I just did this in one of my projects, haha.

After you spawn the decal, attach it to the hit component. Be sure to make the Attach Type be: “Keep World Position.”
(Some of the code I have in here is just from my project. I’ve circled the relevant parts.)

Also, you’ve categorized this in C++. You probably should have categorized it in blueprints or something haha.


did this answer your question?

It answered it for me and works wonderfully, thanks!

Thanks! :grin: