Debuging game with Cooked content

So what I’m basically trying to do is to debug my game in Visual Studio with cooked content. I’ve already been succesful while using the Debug Editor configuration and the -game -debug command line, but that’s for uncooked content.

I’ve already cooked my data which now resided in “MyGame\Saved\Cooked\WindowsNoEditor” but when trying to debug using the Debug configuration, it always break at a material reference, I’m pretty sure it has to do with the fact that it does not find my cooked content directory.

What are the exact steps to debug a build of my game using cooked content? Do I need to provide the path to my cooked content somehow? Is there a command line option I need to specify?


Try build “Debug” configuration then add one of the switch in the debug command line:

SEEKFREELOADING: Only use cooked data.
SEEKFREEPACKAGEMAP: Override the package map with the seekfree (cooked) version.
SEEKFREELOADINGPCCONSOLE: Only use cooked data for PC console mode.
SEEKFREELOADINGSERVER: Only use cooked data for server.

+"-game" switch

It should load cooked content.

More switches here: