Daz to Unreal 4 bridge in action

The proof is in the demo.


The specs

Also anyone interested in Genesis stuff Daz3D even has their own Unreal 4 forum

This is a great move for Daz and UE4.

Well as far as jumping the gap goes it’s rather huge as far as character needs goes. Take a while for the other shoe to drop but as far as making off the shelf products anyone wishing to sell character products has just doubled their marketplace.

Well humm it’s at the very least an interesting problem to look into. With out actually duplicating the problem morphes do work but for them to work they have to be part of the morph selection rule set. Looking at the video the little red X’s would indicate that the morph was activated and animated but was not included as part of the model export.

So why is the facial being shaped?

Genesis 3-8 has support for both morph and cluster shapes so you could create facial animations using morphs and the morph setting will key frame and animations by joints. When imported you should get both morph and cluster animation data so with out hands on to the project I would say that it’s a good guess that cluster data is being used.

Weird, I haven’t had that problem…

Btw, THIS tute for putting CC3 characters into ALS in UE4 worked just fine for me with the daz bridge.

Just be prepared to pause a bunch, bless his heart, he starts out slow enough but as he gets more excited he gets faster and faster…

Worth mentioning too, you only have to do this once in your ALS project, after that it’s “reconfigured” to work with the G8 skeleton so you can import as many characters as you like and they just work straight away in ALS.

Word of warning though, I have some hair models from daz that crash UE4 when it trys to import the character they’re on. I think it’s because they have extra bones in them because I removed some face bones from one of them (using the joint editor in daz) and then it imported without crashing UE4.

CC3/CC3+ characters and Daz Bridge imported characters (Daz G3/G8) are two different things.
The first are pre-converted to the standard UE4 skeleton with the addition of face morphs.
The second are standard Daz Genesis G3 / G8 character that need to be retarget To UE4 skeleton and the exported morphs are still in beta development

I’m not saying that CC3 and Daz are the same.

And yes retargeting works for generic mannequin blueprints, but it doesn’t work for ALSv4. At least not out of the box.

In the tute above, Ian does a tricky thing where he retargets the ALS mannequins skeleton to the CC3 skeleton then adds a few required virtual bones.

This also works with the G8 skeleton, which is what allowed me to go from an empty scene in daz to this about five minutes:

Playing with JCM’s. What you think?

The face blows apart if the body morphs are baked and using cluster based animations. Reason being the mesh weights are relocated based on the shaping but the same base rig is still setup as to the original G3/G8 base so when the facial joints rotate it pulls and deforms the mesh along with it. This is not a UE4 or DS thing but is a common cause and effect.

Example test.

Granted I’ve not done much in the way of animation in DS, I use MotionBuilder for my animation needs, but I’ve come across the exploding face issues a few times relating to cluster based animations and there are work arounds that will produce a good result.

We’ve been using Genesis 3 for about 5 years now as our base character frame work and if one follows the rules it works just fine.

Dropped down some facial expressions on a stock G3 female and send to Unreal

Works fine.

Well if it’s broken in side of Unreal 4 then of course and you could go over to Epic’s bug tracker and post a ticket. I hope your not taking issue as a toss the baby out with the bath water as to the first true bridge that actually handles materials requirements from point A to point B.

Daz3D did it right as a “first” iteration that I hope will included dForce which would be really amazing ! :smiley:

The truly amazing thing is Daz3D did not pull down the fidelity of their studio grade asset rather than Unreal 4 grew into the abilities that Daz Studio and Genesis provides to the pipeline. UE4 needs characters that can act and not just used as avatars for a video so maybe it’s time for Epic to retire Rocket Man for something a bit more advanced in support of the G3 frame work heading into Unreal 5.

By the way found the “Report a bug” link

Well lets not compare “Genesis” to iClone as Reallusion, as they would say, is a Real Time Animation Tool and is a worth while addition to the character development pipeline.

The advantage Daz Studio + Genesis adds to the pipeline is a full set of character tools that is missing in Unreal 4 as to the need to have a single source framework that works from the top down as to building the character. What is lacking is solid animation tools that is offered in iClone as to that need. Also it’s free and fair use now that the UE4 bridge is open source As an opinion It’s a no brainier that Epic accepts Genesis as the new standard.

The other requirement is acceptance by developers choosing to build assets for that framework as a replacement to the Epic base rig as to blueprints and animations, some are already doing so,

The need for lip sync for example is better and more robust in iClone.

Oh I found the link for the bridge open source code.


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		Hello Everyone. Daz3D to Unreal Bridge is pretty Awesome. However, **Daz3d Genesis 8 TwistBones has PROBLEMs with IK**. The Limb Twist Bone { lrThighTwist, lrForearmTwist, lrShldrTwist } are Bending and distorting IK handling. I want to lock these bones in place with no bending. Open to recommendations. Video Attached.

Hi [USER=“887”]ioFlow Studios[/USER] Just saw your video and you pointed out the Foot IK prob. Tried the recommendation, but a no-go. Regardless, Your voice is amazing.

That’s not my voice in the video :slight_smile:

Epic uses a parent,parent, child, child configuration where the twist bone is a child of the parent joint above it. This allows the upper and lower leg to work right with the 2-bone IK as the twist bone can rotate independent from it’s parent.

The G3/G8 rig uses a parent,child,parent, child configuration so when a 2-bone IK is added the twist bone will rotate relative to it’s parent, which causes the broken leg issue.

An easy type of fix is to re-parent the twist bones in the same configuration as the Epic configuration but would require targeting the animation to the new configuration.

Next is to post a ticket to Epic’s bug tracker but not being a bug should be presented as a feature addition to what has already been done as far as joint locks.

In our group one of our coders was able to solve the issue using a custom IK plugin solution so it can be fixed but the bridge being so new I would expect as time goes by better solutions should be provided by Epic as the Genesis is a logical replacement for the Epic rig.

I’ll ask him if he could drop in an provided some guidance.

the issue and i talked to daz is that while you can use the meshes you cant do anyhting commercial with them cause HE OWNS them…thats why i dropped all his products basically he is liek the seller and you are a user of items