Daz to Unreal 4 bridge in action

Hello @FrankieV

I truly appreciate you taking time out to share your insight. I dont anticipate the Genesis to replace the Epic Rig. Until that confirmed or Epic offers other IK options, Is the custom IK solution available for purchase? I’m certain I’m not the only one experiencing the problem. My wallet is awaits your answer.

Ask me the same questions a year from now. History wise since 4.0 Epic has made improvements directly relating to issues unique to Genesis that continues to improve as they surface.



Included was errors in texture and material mapping, zombie eyes, improper conversion of opacity maps and SSS shaders that gave the character models a wax finish with hair looking like blobs of mesh.

Epic fixed thous issues on their end so are aware of the need to support a tool as to usability on equal ground as they would with import problems from Blender that by extension would add some very useful productivity tools. As a first offering, and with out turning into an advertisement, Genesis added to Unreal 4, along with the fact that it is open source, would at the very least create a possible product pathway for others to build assets for Genesis targeted towards any “game engine” that has a functional bridge. So I would suspect such products as BP IK solutions for G3/G8 would become available as it would be rather near sighted to ignore the market potential.

Are these products available now?

No but first to market wins and with expected improvements to the bridge my money is on Daz3D

OK so I asked our coder how he fixed the G3 IK problem and his response was

If you can understand that then that’s how you fix the G3 IK

From a conversation I had 2 years ago