Day/Night cycle issue with Atmosphere Sun Light

So i decided to create the Day/Night cycle for my game, but i have few issues with it…

I added Directional Light to my map, set it as Atmosphere Sun Light and i want that light to move on the sky from East to West.

So i opened a Level Blueprint, and connected AddWorldRotation (with Directional Light as target) to the Event Tick node. I also split the rotation needed into X, Y, Z, float using the Make Rotation node.

But there’s a problem… even the 1.0 float supplied into the Pitch makes the Directional Light “Sun” to move to fast on the sky, if i try to use lower values, the “Sun” eventually stops above the character (at -90 Pitch). What i am doing wrong?

Few additional questions, if you know the answers to them, i would be glad…:

Also i noticed that if i set the Sun below the landscape (to create a Night) the light from the Sun still penetrates through the Landscape and illuminates the surroundings.
Also it seems that i must manually recapture the Skylight to create a pitch black night or true Noon :frowning:
Is there a way how to change the Directional Light appearance? I would like to create Moon aswell, but the Moon can’t look like the glowing disk.

How to fix these?