Datasmith meshes are black until I "edit" them- reimporting scene causes editor crash on play

I’m using datasmith to import .3DM scenes from Rhino.

Seemingly randomly, meshes decide to stop displaying correctly, and appear all black. The only solution I’ve found is to open the mesh in UE, and click “edit”. As soon as I do, they display correctly, but only until I restart the editor; afterwards, I have to do it again. For multiple scenes with hundreds of meshes, this isn’t a viable solution.

Re-importing the meshes by right click > re import as suggested elsewhere doesn’t work, as they’re linked to the datasmith scene.

That brings up a new issue I’ve been having lately; whenever I re-import the datasmith scene, and then play the game, the editor crashes.

Any ideas what is happening?

Hi lexcelsior,

Can you upload the crashed log?

Hi ,

I’m still having this issue, the log is text

Can you upload your .3dm file? There is noting error in your log. I could do some testing on your file if you upload it.

Unfortunately I’m not allowed to share it, but maybe I can answer some questions about it?

It’s a jewlery scene, after importing with datasmith there are 336 meshes in the “Geometries” folder. I’m only using the meshes, all of the lighting and materials are made in the unreal editor.

I’ve had this problem with a few different scenes imported on different levels, so I’m not sure if it’s the specific scenes themselves, or maybe just the fact that there are a lot of meshes in play.

You could go to
and create a case.