Datasmith 5.1Preview For 3dsmax


I’m trying to install datasmith 5.1 for 3ds max 2022 and 2023 goes through the instal proces s but cant se the the datasmith export option in the 3ds maz export settings


Hi Mouton001 !

In 5.1 we unified the workflow in 3dsMax to match our other plugins.

You should now have a ribbon/toolbar called “Datasmith”, with your export options instead of exporting through Max’s “Export” menu.



I´m using datasmith importer for the first time and have successfully setup direct link to a 3dsmax scene. At a first glace everything works as expected, except:

Objects that I deleted in 3dsmax get removed from the level but stay in the content folder as described in the docs:
“When you reimport the scene after deleting objects or materials in your source file, Datasmith does not delete the Assets that it had previously created for those objects. The Assets remain in your Content Browser, so that you can continue using them in the Unreal Editor as standalone Assets, outside the context of the Datasmith Scene.”

This might be useful in some cases but what can I do to finally get rid off these deleted objects?

Hi Cascho75 !

You can use the filter “Not Used In Any Level” to filter assets that are not used/referenced.


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This was my first intention, too, but however these assets do not get listet then.

As already said, the filter “Not used in any level” doesn´t work here.
The reason for this seems to be old/outdated references:

My question is, why are old materials/meshes still referenced although the updated datasmith-file does not contain these assets anymore?
This results in an enormous amount of unused content in the filebrowser.

What´s the reason for this?

Strangely, the filter “In use by level” does work correctly and does not list deleted objects:

This means to me that there must be levels that contain my deleted assets, but there´s only one level in my case…

in 3ds max whose language is portuguese, the datasmith option does not appear! how should i make it appear?