Dark shadows on actor that resized to a puddle

I have a slime actor, when I kill the slime it resize him to a puddle, it works all good and dandy but there a huge shadows on the back side of the slime when it turns to a puddle, even tough the light source is directed at it.

I tried to play with the normal maps but with no avail, not so sure what makes the huge shadow…

Is probably because the actor is casting light onto itself, how did you setup the animation to puddle? Vertex animation? Try turning “cast shadow” off, just to see if that is where the problem comes from.

Did turn shadows off no change, the actor is resized there no animation when he turns to puddle.

At which point is it happening? Is your scale maybe too close to 0 or negative?

Still need help here with my puddle slime Ps: have a different slime mesh bigger one when turning him to a puddle gave the same result. Pss: Looks like its some kind of limit, if you make a puddle from a sphere mesh, this will give same result, the bigger the sphere the scarier the result…

No not really, even if you make a sphere make it Z 0.5 you can already start seeing the dark shadow form, I guess its a bug or the vertex’s so close to each other that the normal/faces read it as dark spots.