Dark Bloom

Would it be possible to craft a bloom effect where(for instance), instead of a white emissive object causing a white bloom effect, you would have a black object give off a black bloom effect in the same way?
Ideally it might work with other dark colors, but just black would be fine

I’m guessing bloom is deeper into the engine then can be easily reached with standard blueprint nodes - and that trying to modify bloom wouldn’t be the right way to achieve this effect - but I’m curious to know if this is possible and what it would look like; I’ve always thought it would be neat to have a sort of “impenetrable darkness” effect, and I can’t find anything online along this line

Hey @Albino_Smurf!

So the opposite of bloom would be the reduction of light ( definitely what it sounds like from the workfing “impenetrable darkness”). Instead of bloom, I think you may be looking for more of a black hole effect. Check out this non-Epic affiliated example/tutorial of such an effect:

I hope the above points you in the direction you are looking for!

While that is pretty cool, I was hoping to find something that a bit simpler and more versatile

Ideally I’m imagining an Unlit black material where increasing the Value(HSV) on the color palette would cause the material to emit a cloud/aura/radiance of black, identical to what would happen if you had an Unlit white material and did the same thing, but instead of adding white around the material it would add black(or…subtract white, I guess)

Now, having thought about it a bit more, this is probably doable as some kind of post process affect that just lowers the Value of the nearby pixels, or maybe a dithering effect that masks over nearby pixels, but I was hoping there was something simpler I could find.
Simpler in terms of using it once it’s constructed, that is. I wouldn’t really call trying to modify the engine to augment how bloom works simple lol

Thanks for your time :slight_smile:

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