Custom online subsystem

Hello everybody

I’m looking into online subsystem logic of ue4 .
I would like a confirmation that I understand the proper workflow that I have to do :
we are essentially working on a multiplayer (2 players) title but we are at the beginning of the project so we don’t have the steam id to work with steam sdk;
In the next few month we will go on greenlight but meanwhile we have to make a beta with multiplayer (over internet) aboard .
So that’s what I figured I should do:

  • Prepare a web services for:

    1. Set and get the information of the players (nickname, etc …)
    2. Set and get session information (listen server ip,number of players per session,etc)
    3. Set and get any other information relevant to search, create and join the matches
  • Create a new Online Subsystem Types

  • Create essentially subclasses of FOnlineSession, FOnlineSessionSettings, etc …

Then once authenticated on Web services, I will find the Ip of those who have created a session and I’ll be able to join them

it’s correct?

anyone have a suggestion ?

How about simply using the 480 App ID that Steam gives you for testing the Game? I have no idea how to setup a custom subsystem, but i also have no idea why you would want to do this, if you are using Steam in the end anyway.

I wouldn’t use the test id because for public alpha stage we must provide online capability for a (probably)large number of gamers. we’ll enter in greenlight approving stage only after some weeks .

Now I’m valuing gamesparks’s services but, however , I’d like to know if what I assumed about workflow ,without any type of game network provider , is the proper way to achieve goals .

What keeps you from getting greenlit and performing the alpha test on steam. Alot of devs do this. The basic network things should be enough to get greenlit.

Nobody will notice your tests, game under that AppID will be visible as “Space Game”