Custom Material - Shadows Only

I want to create a material that has transparency and by default is completely transparent.

However, I want shadows to appear on the material which have transparency based on their intensity (so a full black shadow would have 0% transparency and a mild shadow might have 50% transparency).

The effect I am after is what shadows would look like if being cast on to invisible objects.

Is there a shadow colour/intensity variable i can use in a pixel shader? I’m new to ue4 shaders.

Hi, i am trying to do the same thing. Did you solve this? Thanks!

same here!

Have you found your solution?

As far as i know it is not possible to do this with a material. Looking for this since years…
I did a workaround with a scenecapture. It works but can be heavy on performance:

But if someone got news about this topic, i am happy to here it :slight_smile: