Custom Ini file path after package

Hi everyone!
After a lot of fiddling I implemented a Custom.Ini for my project.
I created a class inheriting from GameInstance that implements the needed variables.
This works fine in Editor after placing the custom.ini in my saved/config/WindowsEditor/ folder.
But after packaging the only place I can get the ini file to work is in %Apddata/Local/Projectname/saved/config/Windows which isn’t really optimal as the user has to place the file there manually or at least access it there to change things.

I found this answer to a rather similar question How to store variables to a custom .ini file? - #10 by RVillani
but can’t seem to figure out where to actually set the filepath for the config file.
I tried passing it in the

UCLASS(Config=CustomConfig, Blueprintable, BlueprintType)

replacing the CustomConfig but that only shows compiling errors.
Any hints on how to set the filepath so it uses something like:

FPaths::ProjectConfigDir() / TEXT("CustomConfig.ini")

would be great.
[4.25.2] Custom ini in packaged project? (shipping) - #3 by Erdrik This post also does a similiar thing but doesn’t really point out how to set it actually.

Thanks a lot!

Sorry for the lack of completion on that answer. I even had to look it up myself now to understand where those are used haha

The custom address can be passed when you read/write the values manually using the global GConfig. Like in this example from the Engine:

void UCineCameraSettings::CopyOldConfigSettings()
	const FString SettingsConfigSection(TEXT("/Script/CinematicCamera.CineCameraSettings"));

	FString OldDefaultLensPresetName;
	if (GConfig->GetString(*CineCameraConfigSection, TEXT("DefaultLensPresetName"), OldDefaultLensPresetName, GEngineIni))
		GConfig->SetString(*SettingsConfigSection, TEXT("DefaultLensPresetName"), *OldDefaultLensPresetName, GEngineIni);
	// ...

You’d replace GEngineIni with your own path.