CSM for stationary light not working on mobile


CSM for stationary light is not working on mobile for me on Galaxy Note 3. Note that the shadows are not visible in editor too if you switch to any mobile preview renderer under settings. It works with SM5 renderer in editor.
I’ve attached the test project.

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If you add r.AllReceiveDynamicCSM=1 into project DedaultEngine.ini shadows will show properly. However this will force all primitives to receive both CSM and static shadows right?

Hi Jiri,

They are working as I can see, but it looks like one thing is not made clear in the release notes.

  1. In the Project Settings enable Static and CSM Shadowing.
  2. Select the meshes that should receive shadows and in the details panel enable Receive Combined Static and CSM Shadows from Stationary Lights.
  3. Select the Light source and set a value for Dynamic Shadow Distance StationaryLight.
  4. In the Light Source disable Inset Shadow for Movable Objects.
  5. Build Lighting
  6. Mobile Preview/Launch on Device/Package for your device

At this point you should see dynamic shadows for movable objects that have the value set to receive them. For instance, you don’t necessarily need to set the value for the actual movable object, but the floor is receiving the dynamic shadow so it needs to make sure it has been enabled to receive the shadow via the flag in its Details panel.

As for r.AllReceiveDynamicCSM the help text from the output log should help explain this. Disabled by default. Enabled renders for all regardless of whether the flag has been manually set.

Which primitives should receive
dynamic-only CSM shadows. 0: Only
primitives marked
(default). 1: All primitives

I hope this helps clear up any confusion.


Totaly clear now. Thank you. Jiri

It’s also available in the official docs with screenshots