CryEngine becomes free

Edit: Tried out the engine already. The workflow is still much complex than Unreal. (If you want to get textures in, you have to a TIF export, and then let the engine compiles it to DDS format. You can’t just drag a PNG file into the engine like UE4). The engine is also barebone as well (No starter content bundled. You could still get the Crytek samples from the marketplace though). The Sandbox editor did get an update, including a customization interface. And managing assets is still a nightmare though.

I downloaded the new engine and have to say Crytek dropped the ball.

  1. How is it so hard to import anything into the engine? Both UE4 and Unity have very easy pipelines for such things
  2. Still waiting to see if you need expensive software to use cry. UE and Unity support blender not sure about Cry 5
  3. They say they are making tutorials yet on launch day they do not have event he most basic ones up? Still can not figure out why I am looking at a blank window when working on one of their sample projects

It is almost like the devs sit around a table and ask themselves “How could we make cryengine any harder or expensive to use?”

Exactly. This is essentially updated EaaS but free. The pipeline is still a nightmare, especially if you don’t have $4000 software like Max and Maya.

And they are even putting their tutorials behind a paywall. 50 EUR a month for webminars/exclusive part of their answerhub, whereas UE4 does free twitch streaming to help its users.

Edit: I guess the paywall is justified because CE is royalty-free, unlike Unreal 5%. But still, that makes Crytek more disconnected from its users compared to Epic’s constant communication.

So CryTek is in desperate mode during this great game engine wars?

I imagine there’s some puzzled looks on the faces of Crytek’s Marketing Dept right now:

#1. Why were we the last (of the majors) to give our engine away for free?
Everyone has probably already jumped to one of the other 3+ engines by now…
So how are we supposed to try and win them back? Especially regarding point 2!

#2. Do you realize how confusing it is to have two nearly identical flavors of the engine out there?
(LY Networking module / editor tweaks aside). In time sure both versions will diverge, but not yet…

#3. Both versions of the engine still lack a community on a par with Unreal or Unity…

Not to mention I can not make an account on they’r site to get the free CryEngine V.
It took them a while to send me the activation email, ufff.

Yeah I read the news and it sounds so much like panic mode. I guess UE4 going free was a desaster for them.

mm c# support doesn’t mean that if a developer wants to leave unity will choose cryengine instead now?

If you don’t like using CryEngine there’s no need to go on about it here like raging fanbois.


Some people really don’t know how to respect…

certainly no raging fan boy, Cryengine is a dog. It’s the engine I started out on, loved the level editing tools and landscapes but trying to do anything useful on it is a waste of time.

Cryengine is like an EA game, seems amazing for the first 5 minutes, the more you use it the more you come to loathe everything about it. Especially Cry-Adam…

One example for you, ragdoll physics. Good luck being able to do anything with a model once it’s gone into a ragdoll state, once it comes to rest you can’t affect it anymore…because of German law…unless you want to change the source code which was impossible without a million pound licence back then.

All those little irritating blockers soon add up till it becomes pointless to carry on using it.

Actually the thing that put the nail in the coffin for me, changing the damage value of the melee attack would cause the game to crash when you hit another skeletal mesh…

And remember competition is good, every time Unity or Cryengine get better so does Unreal Engine

Crytek needs to learn marketing from Epic.
They opened their engine source code way too late and most of us have already learnt or is in the middle of learning Unreal Engine 4. Choosing a game engine is not just about features.

Edit: In no way Cryengine is bad. It is their poor marketing move that keeps me away from them. (Sorry for my bad English.)

+1 for competition

^ I now remember why I’ve been avoiding this community.

That’s the only reason why I want CryTek to push their engine.

@WarGoat It looks like you are not better, even worse.

Now we need Epic to give us C#.

I think thats what they do. With giving away the Engine for free, opening a marketplace, even getting something like AnswerHub. Seems to me they try to copy some of the best features of UE4 :wink:

Would love to give CryEngine a try, but it seems like the website is down… Can anyone download CryEngine atm?

Unreal is also full of those little blockers.
But instead i call them “kicking contest with a horse”, its impossible to win. You go around one you get kick from another side.
This stuff is probably impossible to avoid in any complicated software. Moment you try to do something that devs did not design code for, you are into lots of pain.
Best example of this in unreal is UMG, try to use it with multitouch input, or try to make simple “fire” button that registers if you pressed it, does not get stuck when you slide finger outside area, etc. Or when you slide in one finger and slide out another. UMG (i suspect this) was made for mouse interface, realy goes “Whut?!” when you have more than single pointer.

And competition is good, look at microsoft what they do in areas where they do not have competition.