Creative Map XP Not Awarding Correctly

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Unreal Editor for Fortnite

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The XP that is being rewarded for myself (and others on Reddit) is considerably less than it should be. For example, my husband and I on our first creative map for several days played the exact same tycoon game (Superstar Tycoon). We were not on a team. I play on Switch, he is on a PlayStation. We played for the same amount of time, did the same quests. When we were finished he had leveled up 6 times, where I did not level up once. It has continued each day. He receives thousands of XP where I will receive less than 100. Nobody will help me in epic support or on Reddit. I am losing thousands of XP.

Steps to Reproduce

You would need to log in to my account and play a creative map, then someone else’s to see the discrepancy.

Expected Result

You would see that I do not even get enough XP to complete the daily discovery quest, while others will receive hundreds of thousands of XP performing the same tasks.

Observed Result

After days worth of mine verses my husband’s XP gained the result is confirmed.


Nintendo Switch