Creating God Rays in a Desert?

So I’m having trouble with the exponential height fog blueprint in creating God Rays for the scene. I looked up some past answers which just said to turn light rays on in the SkyLight, but that did not produce the results I was looking for. I added both atmospheric fog (which didn’t seem to do too much) and exponential height fog, but even after tweaking many settings, this is still what my lighting looks like. Does anyone have any advice on how to bump up the lighting quality and maybe get some God Rays in there?

Here are the links to the two screenshots I took.

Use a directional light, scroll down on it to the ligh shafts part and play around with it, that should do the trick. Also depends on the engine version.

I’ll have to try that. I was hoping Unreal was able to cast them directly from the sun source. :confused:

Hey there, if you’re using UE4 4.14 or higher, you should be able to set the exponential height fog to be volumetric & then change the sun volumetric intensity until you start to see the god rays forming. between your poles/shadow casting objects.

If you just want the god rays to form without a shadow casting object (just ambient light beams forming and following light direction) then you can assign a light function to your directional light, which can be used to mask out sections of the lighting path based on however you set up your lighting function, i.e. with a noise pattern. From there you can tweak the exponential height fog volumetric settings to control things like falloff from the light source to make it seem more like god rays as I assume you’re looking for.

This approach will have the light beams forming regardless of whether or not the sun is on screen.