Creating a Static Moon

I’m looking to set up a static night time scene that’s lit by the moon. I have a BP_Sky_Sphere set up with sun height set to -1, and the stars are out, and I have a directional light to imitate the moon’s light. the only problem is, the moon doesn’t actually exist (at least there’s no moon to see). I’m looking for a simple way to add a static moon (the time of day will never change) to the sky box in a similar way to how the sun is set up.

The only other thing that came close to answering this on here was some extremely vague directions on making a moon sphere that would change with the time of day, which wasn’t very helpful.

Any suggestions?

Actually the moon sphere answer seems to be going in the right direction, remember that answers are never bad, questions are :slight_smile: The attitude is what counts…

Anyways, my aproach to make a simple untextured moon would be creating an emissive material and applying it to a sphere:

1 Create a sphere (your actual moon) and scale it to whatever size you want it

2 Create a new material (right click in the content browser)


3 Add a vector parameter and a scalar parameter, multiply them together, choose the color you want your moon to shine with and the intensity

4 Set the material shading model to unlit in the details panel


5 Save and apply to your sphere

6 Place the sphere where you want it


That was it, if you want a textured moon you will have to do more than this but you asked for a “simple way” and “not vague directions”. Btw there are lots of tutorials that talk about this, just put some effort in it and appreciate when others do, even if they are “vague” in their attempt, they are sacrificing their free time for you :wink:

Let me know if this helped you.

Searching for “moon ue4” in youtube got me this beautiful example as first result: TUTORIAL UE4 Night Scene - Includes MOON

Also make sure to accept the answers that solved your problem so the thread is closed and other users can see what helped you.