Creating a static mesh copy of a skeletal mesh?

I don’t know if this is even possible or makes sense but is there a way to spawn a static copy of a skeletal mesh in run-time? Specifically if it’s moving, can i like take a snapshot of it’s current state and spawn just that look at a certain location? What i’m trying to achieve is a last known location visual indicator but i’m not sure if this is approach is correct. Hopefully someone could guide me or even suggest something else. Thanks!

yes that’s what i’m hoping for really, how would you go about doing it though without the animation state?

Do you need the exact state even of the animation?

I did this before but in UE3, the basic idea was to be able to hold all animation in a given point in time, this was achieved by handing the animation time directly. So in the end I used real SkeletalMeshComponents that just froze.

In C++ you can do that by just setting the play rate:

SkeletalMeshComponent->GlobalAnimRateScale = 0.5;

And in BP just use the SetPlayRate function. If that works for you I’ll post is as an answer :smiley: