Creating a mirror reflection (material)

I am trying to create a mirror. I thought the best way would be to add a box with a material with metallic=1 and roughness=0. I figured out I need to use a Box Reflection Capture in order to bump up the radius that is reflected, but I am still not able to get realistic reflections.

You can see how the character is reflected as strange artifacts. Even the static scene (floor and other background boxes) are not reflected correctly and are somehow blurred. What is the best way to create a realistic mirror?

What I also tried:

  • bumping reflections quality using Post Process Volume (no difference)
  • using Scene Capture 2D (does not really behave as a mirror, low quality too)
  • quality settings is set to epic

Not possible because of engine limitations :frowning:

Use a planar reflection object (need to enable it once in the project settings)