Creating a grid

I need to create a simple square-block grid.
Since I’m still a newbie, my first thought was to make a large square with a small Z scale and then add several smaller squares inside and somehow code those little squares so that they are used as part of a matrix.

Of course this is beyond terrible if not straightforward not doable.

Looking out for answers I found that most of people start creating a “grid material” and then attach it to a square but still I don’t get how I code this large square so that it’s considered a matrix on which I can place other pawns.

I only need some small suggestions so that I can start making some research on my own towards the right solution, especially because most of the times a find tutorials based on Blueprints and I’m far more into C++ coding.

Thanks a lot.

It’s still worth taking a look at the blueprint tutorials - most of what you’ll find won’t be massively difficult to translate into C++, just because most of it will be relatively simple. You’ll need to take a look at the documentation to see how the templates are set up, but it shouldn’t be too difficult - the logic will all be the same…