Create lighting like in tappy chicken

How do I create lightning like in flappy bird? Do they change the textures somehow during the game? If that helps, I have a 2d games with camera just like in tappy chicken. For my screen I have 3 planes with textures that always move so it gives impression that character moves.

The materials in tappy chicken are unlit so the change in color is simply multiplying the texture with a color parameter. (They are using a Material Parameter Collection to store the actual color, not the usual vector parameter.)
The same goes for the fog and flash colors.

Hmm, okay, I get the idea. But what about sprites and flip books? And is there any guidance about how to do the whole thing?

Exact same thing. Look into the material called “M_TappyChicken_01” in the tappy chicken project, it’s fairly well laid out.

Thank you a lot, I have a good idea of what is happening still have 2 questions though.

1.I noticed that they used materials for chicken and other abjects, but I have actual sprites and flip books, not sure that I can edit them the same way.

I’m not sure when in the blueprints they call to randomly chose the colour.

i dont really know about tappy chicken if you want the background color to be randomly chosen at the start use the event begin play node or else if you want to change the color in between the levels you might want to add something like a trigger.

The following article explains how to set up materials for your sprites:

When the basic setup is done you can add tinting and any other effect you need.